About the Author

Jack O’Brien

Jack is the creator of the blog Liberty Set Square. He has been a Liberty activist since 2007, beginning with the Ron Paul presidential campaign and subsequent “Audit the Fed” initiative. He served as a delegate in both the 2008 and 2012 state conventions. Outraged over breaches of convention rules by his state’s Republican leadership, Jack chose not to attend the national conventions.

In 2011, Jack interned for The Alaska Policy Forum, serving as a researcher and copywriter. He earned his B.A. in Political Science the same year. Following graduation, Jack returned to his earlier occupation of construction work, using his spare time to write. After being employed by city government (public works division), he was appalled at the waste and fraud he experienced. This came after witnessing similar behavior between large construction firms and Federal/state government over the course of six years. The experience convinced him that this was a prevailing problem.

He decided to employ himself in exposing the corrupting influence that Statism and Corporatism exerts on society, in addition to pursuing a career as a freelance writer.

The thing I love second to Liberty: motorcycles.

The thing I love second to Liberty: motorcycles.

Jack enjoys reading, especially obscure works of political philosophy, history and French literature. Jack has a passion for all things that address Liberty through an artistic medium, whether it be music, stage or film. He enjoys Jazz, Rock, Blues and Alternative music, and has dabbled in acting via a local theater company.

Most recently, he is endeavoring to bring attention to the revolutionary struggle of the people of Rojava. Jack’s political writing has appeared in numerous online outlets, including Liberty Crier, Young Americans for Liberty, Strike the Root, Attack the System, Liberty Upward and Truth Voice.