What is Liberty Set Square?

Liberty Set Square is a blog about the philosophy of individual Liberty. It is committed to setting the argument for Liberty on the straight, with no provisos and no fine print.

Individual Liberty should not be about politics. The word “Liberty” should not be used as a hook to pitch something else, like getting you to join a political party, club or church. The author’s goal is objective knowledge; knowledge than can be used to build a healthier, more fulfilling life for himself, each one of us as individuals, and hence, for society as a whole.

What is Liberty? How does one find it in their life? How do we distinguish true Liberty from false? Like anything else, when we have defined what something is, then evidence and facts have to square with that definition. As a great thinker observed, someone may tell us over and over that the circle they have drawn for us is a square, but a square has definite properties, as does a circle.

Reason and strict scrutiny should be applied whenever we are evaluating anything, and this should be especially true when investigating something like the philosophy of Liberty.

The search for knowledge is never ending: there can be no such thing as “too much knowledge.” The author hopes that in sharing facets from his own, perpetual journey of discovery that he will meaningfully contribute to the readers’ journeys.

Jack is the creator and author of Liberty Set Square