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Who is most likely to be saying that? An Israeli, or a Palestinian?

When it comes to controversial issues, basically no one is short on opinions, while asking concrete questions seems to become a big turn-off. This is to be expected: when passions are running high, it is tempting for us to stick to what we “feel” instead of asking the Who-What-Where, and most important, the Why. When it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict however, we aren’t even allowed to ask questions to begin with.

Go ahead and try it sometime.

Go ahead and try it sometime.

Trying to ask the important question, the “why,” surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is overwhelmingly met with raging, personal attacks, emotional-based reasoning and ridicule. Many people are too afraid of the controversy (understandably) to even engage in discussion on this issue: they simply avoid it and hope it passes. Which it does…for a few months or so, until the next outbreak of carnage.

But we must recognize a truism that has existed throughout human history. And that is this: the most important questions, the ones we need to ask (are even required to ask), are often the ones we are told we cannot ask.

The “forbidden question” is usually the thing that should demand our attention the most, because it is deemed “forbidden” for a reason. Criminals, perverts, con artists and all sorts of depraved people have a few things in common, and one of them is that they do not want, under any circumstances, for an open, no-holds-barred examination of what they are doing.FourMapsPalestine

They will tell you what they are up to, and why, but you cannot frame your own questions, or dig too deep before they begin howling at how “wrong” you are to demand real answers.

  • The con artist isn’t going to let you verify that he actually has a working company (as opposed to a Ponzi scheme), he will tell you that he does. And that had better be good enough for you.
  • The bought-and-paid-for politician  isn’t going to take real questions from the people: he/she will take questions on note cards and have an aide look through them a half hour before the Q&A, and then they’ll decide which ones to answer. And that had better be good enough for you.

It is no different with the ongoing issue in Palestine.

Everything is as it should be...Raytheon, DuPont and Kellog told me so!

Everything is as it should be…Raytheon, DuPont and Kellogg told me so!

The corporate press will not explore the facts of the Palestinian conflict: they will serve you a plate of rotten, prepared statements and fetid fabrications, and force feed it to you, with any opposing viewpoints or counter points that might have helped wash down the maggot-filled, stinking mess totally absent. Barely able to hold your stomach, you are supposed to know that you were fed the “truth,” smile and compliment how well it tastes.

Ideally, the propagandists hope you will then turn to your friend or the guy you know at work, corner him and vomit the putrid mess right into his face, “convincing” him of the ‘sweet truth’ that you are carrying inside you and just could not wait to pass on. It is natural for us to want to get rid of that disgusting slop that is sloshing around in our stomachs.

The danger is that we might confuse the desire to get it out of our system, with a false sense of conviction that we know the truth.

We can become so eager to move past the ugliness of what we are talking about (the mass murder of men, women and children) that we can actually forget that it is murder some people are trying to justify. The question why?” is still there.children_blood_beit_hanoun

“And if we stop to examine what we were force-fed, we’ll see that it is not the truth, it is a Goulash from Hell.”

And if we stop to examine what we were force-fed, we’ll see that it is not the truth, it is a Goulash from Hell. It is stewed from green, dismembered human bodies bloated after laying three days in the sun, pulverized concrete mixed in with caked blood, then seasoned with pink flecks of brain and hair sticky on fragments of skull.

Obama speaking at 2008 AIPAC conference

Obama speaking at 2008 AIPAC conference

And it is all “on the house,” bought-and-paid-for with tax dollars, dealt out by sociopaths in tailored suits, who swagger and tell us constantly how they know what is in our “best interests.”

The eminent philosopher and author, Murray Rothbard, wrote what may very well be the best essay on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,

War Guilt in the Middle East, way back in 1967. Much thanks to Antiwar.com for bringing this obscure piece some well-deserved exposure. It is both pathetic and criminal that almost none of the history Rothbard examines is dealt with today, even by “esteemed scholars.”

We owe it to ourselves to read that essay, and to re-introduce some long forgotten facts to the discussion.

By Jack

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