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In keeping with the ideas of individual freedom and liberty promoted at Liberty Set Square, let it be known that any and all opinions and arguments are permitted within the comments section.

The creator of the site wants to make it absolutely clear that there is to be no censorship or suppression of content, whatever its nature, so long as it conforms to the following stipulations:

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Aside from the aforesaid, any and all comments will be approved. Please feel free to post links, express opinions, etc.

Liberty Set Square is about promoting discussion as to how to build a better and more just society, and “political correctness” has too often stood in the way of that discussion. Unlike other sites, your comment will not be moderated or denied for expressing your opinion, however “inappropriate” it may appear to others. Nor will a comment be denied for using vulgarity, coarse language, etc.

That said, the creator of the site hopes that everyone will endeavor to express their views, no matter how controversial, in as civil a manner as possible.

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